Pigeon Pea (Toor)

Pigeon Pea

Toor daal is one of the most commonly used lentils by a major part of the country. Since pigeon pea is a rich source of proteins, it provides a rich mix of several nutrients to the human body when consumed. At Tristar EXIM we aim to import best quality pigeon peas from our own sourcing unit at Tanzania. Pigeon pea is an important legume crop which is cultivated in more than 25 countries as a sole crop or somewhere is mixed with different cereals like maize and peanuts. When talked about the nutritional value of Pigeon Peas, they are high in protein and amino acids.

Food; seeds are 25% protein, can be eaten fresh or as split dried peas, are used for dhal in India, contain 5 times more Vitamin A and C than green peas. The leaves and young shoots can be eaten cooked, they are fibrous and have a strong spicy odour.

Tanzania (Arusha)