About Us

About Tristar Exim

Tristar EXIM is a concerted effort of three young entrepreneurs who are guided by the thought of contributing towards nation growth through exports & imports of quality agro commodities at fair prices. Tristar EXIM is growing under experienced guidance of these entrepreneurs who have been a part of groups like Jitendra Dall Mil Group. Tristar Exim has gained an inspiration to concentrate its efforts into taking itself on the verge of quality products.

Today, Tristar Exim deals into trading of major commodities like- Chick Peas, Pulses, Wheat Flour, Soybean Flour, Sugar, Rice, Red Chilly etc. and proudly exports these products to countries like Dubai and Sri Lanka. Tristar Exim aims to establish its strong presence into major parts of the world with its adherence to quality products and successful exports of different agro-food products.

Why Choose Us

Power of a better team

Agricultural operations at Tristar Exim run smooth due to a highly qualified team. Backed with sheer expertise and sound experience of working with a vast product portfolio, our team boasts of quick and better identification of customer needs and addresses their concern with faster and better processes. Our team helps us in getting over the procurement concerns and issues by their intellect and teamwork and ensures we present ourselves as one of the best suppliers and exporters to work with.

Power of Quality

At Tristar Exim, “Quality is our way of life.” We ensure that we carry out procurement of the best quality products that matches the international standards and offer full satisfaction to our customers. For us, quality is something which is continuously practised into our system and is reflected into our offerings. We focus on achieving best results by adhering to our set quality processes and constantly improving on them. For us, quality matters more than quantity. We believe not only in exports of a large quantity of agro-food products but we take pride in doing it all with quality. We consider quality commitment as our focussed phenomenon of existence and try to incorporate such acts into our working which speaks “QUALITY” in a loud voice.


At Tristar Exim, we aim to supply QUALITY PRODUCTS at FAIR PRICES with TIME BOUND DELIVERY and 100% PROFESSIONALISM. We aim to bridge the gap between efficient supply and timely delivery through procuring products that meet the international standards at reliable prices.


We envision ourselves as the strongest export house in agro-food market and look forward to diversify later into various products and set up export houses in various cities in India and around the world.We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels.