Green Gram (Mung)

Mung Bean

Green gram is one of the most healthy grams which is produced in India. It has several health benefits and thus is widely used in Indian kitchens. It is highly rich in proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin C. We are involved in sourcing of best quality green grams that are derived from mature moong beans and are equally tasty and healthy.

We have our own sourcing unit in Tanzania from where we import best quality green grams and provide to our customers. Green moong are loaded with exceptional health benefits. They are rich in minerals, high in fiber and low in fat and calories. They also help in lowering down the cholesterol levels.

Green moong are also used in sprouted form to gain more energy and fibres. Since these green grams are easily digestible, they solve all the digestive issues of stomach and can be consumed at any time any season.

Tanzania Green Gram
Burma Green Gram
Kenya's Green Gram
Impurity 1,2,3%
Moisturiser 10 to 12%
Quality As per buyer's requirement