Desi Chickpeas(Brown)

It is widely known that Indore is the biggest brown chick peas supplier and taking the advantage we deal in brown chickpeas (Desi chana) which are known for the taste and quality and are demanded worldwide. Brown chick pea is one of the highly nutritious pulses and is considered to be a good source of protein. It is an edible seed which is also used in flour form across the world. It is placed third when compared according to the importance of all food in the country. It includes 25 % protein, which can be taken as highest protein provided by any other pulse and 60% carbohydrates.

Usually there are two types of chick peas called desi and kabuli. Desi chickpeas are usually smaller in size than kabului ones and have a thick coat. They are dark brown in color and are used in various Indian recipes in different forms. When talked about total production of chick peas, the brown chick peas form around 80-85% of total production as they are widely produced and consumed by people due to their easy availability, various health benefits and affordability features. At Tristar EXIM, we source the best quality of brown chick peas that are produced with due care and hygiene and serve as healthy diet.